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Welcome to Love Your Oven – We are a domestic oven cleaner and we offer oven cleaning in Allerton Bywater. 

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Oven Cleaning by Love Your Oven

Love Your Oven has a wealth of experience cleaning of all types of ovens. Whatever oven you have we will ensure your oven gets cleaned to an extremely high standard. You can be assured that your oven will be back to bright by the time we have finished.

How we do it

Every oven we clean is stripped down as far as possible to achieve the perfect oven clean.

Oven Doors

We will remove your oven doors (where possible), strip the doors down and  clean the glass (including the inner glass if your oven door is triple glazed)

Oven Back Plates and Fans

We will remove back plates (fan covers) and fans from your oven and clean these individually. This ensures the individual parts are fully cleaned to the best of our ability. The removal of the backplate and the fans allows us to fully deep clean your oven. Cleaning behind the back plate helps get rid of any bad smells that your oven produces.

Racks, Shelves and Trays

The racks, shelves and trays are removed from your oven and placed in a dip tank in our oven cleaning van. The dip tank contains a degreaser and a carbon neutreliser to break down the carbon built up on your oven shelves. The dip tank solution is 100% acid free, non toxic and biologically friendly.

Knobs, Buttons and Fiddly Bits

We remove all knobs and buttons from your oven control panel along with all other removable parts.  These parts are cleaned individually, doing this allows us to also clean behind the removed parts to fully clean every part of the oven surface.


Often used in Automotive valeting Love Your Oven uses a selection of brushes and toothbrushes to clean the finer details of your oven, such as the handles, edges along with any other nooks and crannies that hold dirt and grease.

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