Before I get straight into “the question I get asked the most” let me go through a typical day with you.

The Start Of A Typical Day

A typical day starts as soon first thing in the morning; checking emails, Facebook messages and Whats app messages for any new bookings or enquiries that have been sent through the night. I can then plan my day efficiently and deal with anything that requires attention immediately. Once these are sorted I then check my calendar to double check my appointments for the day ahead of me, and also check to see if any bookings have come through overnight as I now have an online booking service on my website.

Calendar plans

I must admit my days are ruled by my Google calendar, every booking I get is either inputted manually or imported by my booking system online. “One calendar to rule them all”  Sorry that was a bit of a geeky Lord Of The Rings reference.

My first appointment is generally around 9am and I always give a 1hr window for my arrival, this is to take into account any delays from traffic or any other issues that may delay my arrival. You just never know so I like to ensure my customers are not too disappointed if I am not dead on 9am.

So what is the question?

I come across many styles of ovens, some are really grim and dirty and some are quite well looked after but in need of a clean and more often than not I am asked a question by a customer and this happens alot……. Usually by male customers too.

“I bet you use some strong stuff don’t you?”

I get this question a lot and I aren’t complaining by any stretch of the imagination, in-fact I actually like being asked this as it gives me the chance to interact with my customers and also reinforce the fact that Love Your oven operates as much as possible an eco-friendly oven cleaning service. This means there are ZERO acids or harsh chemicals used to complete an oven clean, no matter how bad or dirty the oven is.  Operating this way means your oven is ready to use as soon as it is finished with no worry of any bad smells or food contamination by vapours whilst cooking.

I am really quite proud of this and I will go into a bit more depth in a future blog post about my choices to operate this way. Oh and before I forget there is one other thing that gets said to me quite often too and this is usually by women…..

“Right! That’s it no more cooking now, were all on takeaways from now on!”

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